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UPI - ROBERT IBRAHIM :học sinh- sư tăng giết người 1966

Seek Surrender Of Youths and Monks Who Killed Policeman

United Press International - SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 1966
Hàng vạn người cầu nguyện quốc thái dân an
Công an trá hình sư tăng Rước Phật qua cổng chùa Diệu Đế 

HUE (UPl) — Combat police today raided the
Dieu De Pagoda, headquarters of militant Buddhistleader Thich Tri Quang, ripping down loudspeakers and destroying anti-government banners.

It was the first time since 1963 when the government of the late ousted President Ngo Dinh Diem cracked down on the Buddhists, that police had  aided a pagoda in South Vitet
Nam. Police refused to allow newsmen to approach the aided pagoda.

In Saigon, army and police tommygunners with authority of fire orf Buddhist-led rioters sealed off the big Vien Hoa Dao pagoda and demanded the surrender of youths who killed a policeman during the day.

A young monk stood defiantly beside.a can of gasoline in the saigon pagoda compound, holding a book of matches in his hand. He vowed he would set himself on fire if governmentforces entered the temple. A teen-age Buddhist girl set herself on fire in the Vien Hoa Dao grounds Friday night and died in agony early today
She was the 10th fiery suicide of the current Buddhist campaign against premier Nguyen Cao Ky.

The pagoda raid in Hue was directed by Col. Nguyen Ngoc Loan, chief of military security and head of the national police. Marines and paratroopers move into the rebel held Hue University area and removed the "altars" the Buddhists had set up in the streets to block traffic.

Quang was not in the pagoda when it was raided. He has been on an anti- American hunger strike for 11 days, and he entered, a hospital several days ago. He has exhorted Buddhists to boycott U.S products and to refuse to serve Americans at establishment.
The government moved a battalion of Vietnamese machines into Hue late Friday increasing the strength of its forces there to about 1.500 marines, paratroopers and combat police.

There were unconfirmed reports that Recor (president) Bui Tong Huan of Hue University and four of his professors have been arrested in the past two days. An American source said he believes Huan has been released.

Government forces in Saigon, who had relied on tear gas, clubs and rifle butts as their principal weapons in the past, were authorized today to fire on rioters—but urged to aim low, so as to hit them in the legs.

The authorization was issued after Buddhist-led youths and monks of Vien Hoa Dao pagoda, beat, kicked, clubbed and stabbed a plainclothes policeman captured near the pagoda and finally shot him with his own gun.

Troops and police brought in submachine guns and tear gas grenade launchers, establishing virtual siege of the pagoda.
Monks trying to leave the compound were turned back. Persons approaching the temple were driven away by clouds of tear gas.Paratroopers raided bars in Saigon today, ostensibly searching for Buddhist rioters.

Tavern owners took the hint, and at least 50 bars closed. Howling youngsters surged through the streets of Saigon early today for the sixth successive day, burning a U.S. Navy jeep and battling police.

 By mid-afternoon, however, peace had been restored everywhere except in the area around the Vien Hoa Dao pagoda.

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