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Earthquake Cloud May, 09,2008, 2 days b4 this chinese deadly earthquake

May, 09,2008, 2 days b4 this chinese deadly earthquake, somebody took those photo in Linyi, Shandong province, east China, which you can see lot “line-shaped” cloud, and somebody spot it is Earthquake Cloud and predicted a 6+ earthquake will happen within 2 days, but they dont know where. Of course, nobody believe them that time. Then, 12, May, a 7.8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan province, west China.

Here is those Earthquake cloud’s photo:

China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud

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Unusual animal behavior

9th,May, thousands frogs cross road near earthquake area.

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Earthquake cloud

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Earthquake cloudsIn chapter 32 of his work Brihat Samhita, Indian scholar Varahamihira (505 – 587) discussed a number of signs warning of earthquakes: Unusual animal behavior, astrological influences, underground movements of water, and extraordinary clouds occurring a week before the earthquake.

Since 1994, Zhonghao Shou, a retired Chinese chemist living in New York, has made dozens of earthquake predictions based on cloud patterns in satellite images, and claims to have a 70% accuracy. Stress and friction in the ground can vaporize water long before the earthquake happens, according to Shou, and clouds formed through these mechanisms are distinctly shaped. He has identified five different types of earthquake cloud, including “line-shaped”, “feather-shaped”, and “lantern shaped” clouds. He claims that an earthquake will take place within 103 days of the appearence of one of these clouds, and that the average time is 30 days. On December 25, 2003, one day before the Bam earthquake, he predicted an earthquake of mag. 5.5+ within 60 days over a fault line in Iran.

Historical records have indicated a possible correlation between clouds and earthquakes in the ancient civillizations of Rome, India, and China.

Curious cloud formations linked to quakes

CAN unusual clouds signal the possibility of an impending earthquake? That’s the question being asked following the discovery of distinctive cloud formations above an active fault in Iran before each of two large earthquakes occurred.

Geophysicists Guangmeng Guo and Bin Wang of Nanyang Normal University in Henan, China, noticed a gap in the clouds in satellite images from December 2004 that precisely matched the location of the main fault in southern Iran. It stretched for hundreds of kilometres, was visible for several hours and remained in the same place, although the clouds around it were moving. At the same time, thermal images of the ground showed that the temperature was higher along the fault. Sixty-nine days later, on 22 February 2005, an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 hit the area, killing more than 600 people.

In December 2005, a similar formation again appeared in the clouds for a few hours. Sixty-four days later, an earthquake of magnitude 6 shook the region (International Journal of Remote Sensing, vol 29, p 1921).

Guo and Wang suggest that an eruption of hot gases from inside the fault could have caused water in the clouds to evaporate. Another idea is that ionisation may be involved: Friedemann Freund at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, recently demonstrated that when rocks are squeezed, positively charged ions form in the air above. The trouble is that ions usually help to form clouds, not dissipate them.

The authors say that if recognisable cloud formations precede large quakes, they could be used for prediction, but other seismologists are sceptical. “There is no physical model that explains why something would suddenly occur two months before an earthquake, and then shut off and not occur again,” says Mike Blanpied of the US Geological Survey’s Earthquake Hazards Program.

From issue 2651 of New Scientist magazine, 11 April 2008, page 12

are clouds claimed to be signs of imminent earthquakes. The analyses of earthquake clouds as a form of earthquake prediction are generally not accepted by seismologists and other scientists.

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satellite and helicopter photos of china earthquake

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Earthquake cloud, Chinese photographer catch prediction 2 days before earthquake occurred

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Satellite and Helicopter Photos of china Earthquake area and Quake lake

Tianshui city, Gansu province.
An Chinese photographer took this picture 2 hrs b4 12th May China earthquake.


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